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Lisa Frank


About Lisa Frank


Lisa Frank is currently a second-year MFA candidate in the Dance & Theatre Department of UC San Diego. Her UC San Diego credits include: Arts in Action: Connected 2012, Crossing Boundaries 2012, WinterWorks 2013 and GradWorks 2014.

She completed her BA in Dance with a focus in Choreography, Performing and Teaching at Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, IL. She has worked and studied with such dance companies as Concert Dance Incorporated, Chicago Dance Crash, Blushing Poppy Productions, Reveries in Motion, Dance Union and with Lux Boreal in Tijuana, Mexico as part of the Cal-Laboratory Kitchen. Lisa has choreographed for St. Mary's College of Notre Dame, Southwestern Michigan College and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. In 2009 she co-founded an interdisciplinary improvisation performance group whose primary investigations included improvisation, movement, theatre, music and writing. She has toured, shown solo and collaborative work and has taught workshops in various venues throughout the country. Her primary dance and performative studies have included: Improvisation, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, and Butoh.

She is also a photographer and videographer. Her current research is questioning the ties and integrating the worlds of the healing arts and dance. Some of her most influential teachers have been: Vitali Kononov, Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark Smith, Eiko & Koma, Yukio Waguri, Katsura Kan, Frey Foust & Eric Geiger.


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