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Sam Mitchell

About Sam Mitchell

Artists Statement

I am fascinated with the collision of dance, theatre, film and design. I am inspired by the art of cinematography and often choreograph using similar approaches, by not creating from beginning to end, but sections, out of order, then constructing the final pieces together as I engage with the work and let it speak to me. I am interested in pushing the limits of my physicality, exploring athleticism, and mining stillness. As a Native American from the Yaqui Tribe. The world (in Yaqui, anía) is composed of five separate worlds: the desert wilderness world, the mystical world, the flower world, the dream world, and the night world. I have a relationship with my culture, one that I perceive as “Scholarship through the body” (as quoted by scholar, Julie Burelle) As I learn more about my culture, and gain access into the world that I thought I was not privileged to, I have especially learned the value of the dream world and think of dreams as a fertile place to distill the work and let the choreography of the day set into my bones. I am motivated by the desire to create and sustain a training practice that activates me on stage and allows me to cross the threshold into newly undiscovered territories. The question that is constantly exposed to me through my work is “What is unique about my perspective?” The answers are revealed in primal, fleeting moments.

Sam Mitchell


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