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Theodore Shank Christopher Berchild Kara Raphaeli
  Polly Carl Jim Short
EDITORS Jennifer Chang  
Theodore Shank Meiling Cheng ASSISTANT EDITORS
Naomi Iizuka Steven Cossen
  Frantisek Déak Ava Geyer
Maria Delgado Jorge Huerta Lily Padilla
Jason Dorwart Alex Lewin Tezeru Teshome
John Freedman Charles L. Mee  
Helena Shaw Marianne McDonald SCRIPT CONSULTANTS
Aleks Sierz Patrice Pavis Steph Del Rosso
  Margaret Semil Ava Geyer
PREVIOUS EDITORS Nina Steiger Anna Moench
Jim Carmody Maria Striar Lily Padilla
John Rouse Les Waters  
Adele Edling Shank Mac Wellman BUSINESS MANAGER
    Bryan White

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What Others are Saying
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"TheatreForum is not only a valuable and unique resource, but of all theater journals the one that makes you feel most truly immersed in performance itself."
  Richard Foreman
Playwright and Director
Ontological-Hysteric Theater
"TheatreForum is the best source I know for information on and analysis of contemporary theatre."
  Arnold Aronson
Columbia University
"TheatreForum is the magazine I turn to when I want to know what the cutting edge work is in the world these days."
  Charles L. Mee
"My occasional writing for TheatreForum is one of my great joys. The vision of my editors and intelligence of my readers informs my evolving work. What makes TheatreForum special is this pact of trust between the publishers, the writers, and the public. Every issue brings us real ideas, real experience, and real theatre."
  John Freedman
Drama Critic
The Moscow Times
"I find it a very stimulating, beautifully produced, important and readable journal that keeps me informed, especially about stuff in the avant garde that otherwise I would not know about."
  Richard Schechner
Chair, Performance Studies
New York University Editor
The Drama Review
"TheatreForum is one of the few (if not the only) publication with a view of theater eclectic enough to satisfy me. Also, they don't wait to be told what's important; they go out and find it."
  Rinde Eckert
Librettist and Music-Theatre Performer

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