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Issue Number 01 (TF01)

  • Al Warsha in Cairo
         by Laura Farabough
  • The Atrocities of Les Atrides: Mnouchkine's
         Tragic Vision

          by Marianne McDonald
  • Sledgehammer Theatre, San Diego
         by Allan Havis
  • Bobby Baker: Master Chef of Performance Art
         by Adele Edling Shank
  • Cherrie Moraga's Heroes and Saints: Chicano
         Theatre for the 90s

         by Jorge Huerta
  • Changing Worlds: A Discussion with Alex Darie,
         Barney Simon, and Lev Dodin
  • On Gaudeamus
         by Kimberly Fisk
  • Mimos in Perigueux
         by Frantisek Déak
  • Festivals, Who Needs 'Em?
         by Ritsaert ten Cate
  • Interviews
  • Mac Wellman on 7 Blowjobs
         by Allan Havis
  • Athol Fugard: Regionalism, Cultural Diversity,
         and Other Matters

         by Floyd Gaffney
  • Scripts
  • 7 Blowjobs
         by Mac Wellman
  • Gaudeamus
         by Maly Drama Theatre