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Issue Number 02 (TF02)

  • GWAR: America Must Be Destroyed
         by Roger Nieboer
  • The Menace of the Eumenides:
         Midnight Madness in Montpellier

         by Marianne McDonald
  • SOON 3: Asylym (Red)
         by Alan Finneran
  • Josť Rivera's Marisol: A Production History
         by Josť Rivera, Michael Bigelow Dixon,
         Tina Landau, and Robert Blacker.
  • The Flight from Spectacle: To Australia
         and Back

         by John Fox
  • Soup Lines and Kick Lines: The New
         Economics of Polish Theatre

         by Michael Hackett
  • Wim Vandekeybus and Always the Same Lies
         by Theodore Shank
  • Violently Awake! Anne Bogart Directing
         The Women

         by Todd Salovey
  • On Gloria and A Judgement in Stone
         by Simon Mellor
  • NADA Theatre's UBU: A Photo Documentary
         by Adele Edling Shank, Photos by
         Theodore Shank
  • Scripts
  • Marisol
         by Josť Rivera
  • A Judgement in Stone, A Musical Thriller
         by Maly Drama Theatre