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Issue Number 03 (TF03)

  • Laura Farabough: Director, Scenographer,

         by Jim Carmody
  • Cultural Transformations: Non-European
         Imports to British Theatre

         by Jatinder
  • Verma "The Obsessions of Stefan Schütz
         by Johnathan Kalb
  • Professionalizing Teatro: An Overview of
         Chicano Theatre During the 'Decade of
         the Hispanic'

         by Jorge Huerta
  • Arbeit Macht Freiin Toitland Europa
         by Dan Urian
  • Pomo Afro Homos and the Emergence of a Voice
         by John Godfrey
  • Rhodessa Jones' Cultural Odyssey
         by Manu Mukasa
  • The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow
         by Roger Nieboer
  • Interviews
  • George Coates and Virtual Reality
         by Scott Rosenberg
  • Physical Risk and Emotional Vulnerability:
         Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre

         by Theodore Shank
  • Scripts
  • Bodily Concessions
         by Laura Farabough
  • Orestesobsession
         by Stefan Schütz, translated by Johnathan Kalb