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Issue Number 04 (TF04)

  • Marga Gomez: Resistance from the Periphery
         by Roberta Uno
  • The Madness That Makes Sane: Mania in
         Tadashi Suzuki's Dionysus

         by Marianne McDonald
  • Casino Pow Wow
         by Roger Nieboer
  • Théâtre du Radeau: Chant du Bouc
         Jeannette Mohr
  • Tight Right White: A Poetic Work of Mourning
         by Philippa Wehle
  • Collaborating Offshore
         by Joan Holden
  • B/W Glossies, Color Slides, and Video Tape -
         Images of Theatricality

         by Jim Carmody
  • Interviews
  • Erik Ehn
         by Adele Edling Shank
  • Reza Abdoh and Tight Right White
         by Philippa Wehle
  • Scripts
  • From The Saint Plays
         by Erik Ehn
  • Tight Right White
         by Reza Abdoh