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Issue Number 05 (TF05)

  • Count Your Blessings: Chaos Theory on Stage
         in the Netherlands

         by Claudia Harris
  • The Possibility of Story: The Performance
         Works of NoŽlle Janaczewska

         by Kathryn Millard
  • Theatre of Nowhere: Staging Slovak Identities
         by Milos Mistrik
  • Matt and Mee: An Introduction to The War To
         End War

         by Elissa Adams
  • Fantasizing About Chuck Mee
         by Matthew Wilder
  • Gang Warfare: A Voyeur's History of the
         House of Atreus

         by D.J. Hopkins
  • On Prospect
         by Nakissa Etemad
  • Interviews
  • Joe Goode's Performance Lifestyle
         by Theodore Shank
  • Scripts
  • The History of Water / Huyen Thoai
         Mot Giong Nuoc

         by NoŽlle Janaczewska
  • The War To End War
         by Charles L. Mee, Jr.
  • Prospect
         by Octavio Solis