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Issue Number 07 (TF07)

  • Low Art in Blue Lake: The Dell'Arte Players
         by Beverly Hanly
  • Orlan's Theatre of Operations
         by Philip Auslander
  • Teatro Valdoca: Ossicine
         by Arthur Carson and Sydney Carson
  • Naked in Pants: Drag Artist Charles Busch
         by Richard Niles
  • In the Dust...Before the Sunrise?
         by Daria Krizhanskaya
  • Ethnic Loyalty and Expanded Time:
         An Introduction to Voir Dire

         by John Godfrey
  • Interviews
  • Sounding the Alarm: Julie Hebert Interviews
         Darrah Cloud

         by Julie Hebert
  • Scripts
  • Enola / Alone
         by Chris Hardman, Antenna Theatre
  • The Sirens
         by Darrah Cloud
  • Voir Dire
         by Joe Sutton