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Issue Number 08(TF08)

  • The New Stage of Chinese Theatre
         by Cheung Fai
  • Werner Schwab's Feces Dramas and De Trust
         by Susan Mason
  • Robert Lepage's Seven Streams of the
         River Ota

         by Philippa Wehle
  • From Büchner's Skin to Naomi's Skin
         by Matthew Wilder
  • In Zambia, Performing the Spirits
         by Thomas Riccio
  • Cross-Cultural Performance in a
         Globalized World

         by Baz Kershaw
  • Thinking Originally: An Introduction to
         Real Original Thinker

         by Volker Schachenmayr
  • The Making of Zumbi
         by Shango Baku
  • Interviews
  • Mau Sen on File 0
         by Theodore Shank
  • Creating Skin: An Interview with Naomi Iizuka
         by Gregory Gunter
  • Scripts
  • File 0
         Conceived and Directed by Mao Sen.
         Prepared and Translated by Cheung Fai
  • Skin
         by Naomi Iizuka
  • Real Original Thinker
         by Laura Farabough, Text Edited by Jim Carmody