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Issue Number 12(TF12)

  • Russian Theatre is Not a Time-Killer
         by John Freedman
  • American Silents A Dramaturgical Collaboration
         with Anne Bogart

         by Heidi Coleman and Tamsen Wolff
  • The Making of GO GO GO
         by Morgan Jenness
  • Dressed, Undressed, Crossdressed, The Third
         International Gombrowicz Festival

         by Allen J. Kuharski
  • Denis Marleau and His 'Spectacle-Collages'
         by Philippa Wehle
  • Topographical Eden: An Introduction
         by Brighde Mullins
  • Petr Lébl: Postmodern Sensibility,
         Modern Sense

         by Dennis C. Beck
  • Chants Libres Presents Yo soy la
         desintigracion, Inspired by the Journal of
         Frida Kahlo

         by Eric Salzman
  • TForum: Deliverance from Isolation: The
         International Women Playwrights Conference
  • Interviews
  • Alias Compagnie of Geneva: An Interview with
         Choreographer Guilherme Botelho

         by Adele Edling Shank and Theodore Shank
  • Articles
  • GO GO GO
         by Juliana Francis
  • Topographical Eden
         by Brighde Mullins