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Issue Number 13(TF13)

  • Purcarete's Theatre of Fear and Joy
         by Marian Popescu
  • The Poetry of the Oppressed: Migdalia Cruz's Fur
         by Roberto Gutiérrez
  • House of Stein
         by Ehren Fordyce
  • Renovating The Chairs, Theatre de Complicité
         Stages an Absurdist Classic

         by David Whitton
  • One More Wasted Year: Two Productions,
         Three Perspectives

         by Jim Carmody, Mireille Davidovici, Philippe Minyana
  • Drowning in Dixie: The Maly Drama Theatre
         Plays Chekhov Untitled

         by Maria Shevtsova
  • Dramaturgy of Desire: The Theatre of
         Naomi Wallace

         by Michael Bigelow Dixon
  • Jean Genet's The Screens Directed by
         Peter Sellars

         by Michele Sigal
  • Misunderstanding Los Biombos: A Response
         to Irresponsible Press

         by D.J. Hopkins
  • Anna Deavere Smith's HOUSE ARREST:
         First Edition

         by Eva Wielgat Barnes
  • Dominant Species: William Forsythe's
         Sleepers Guts

         by William Anthony
  • Com'è la tua isola?': The Living Theatre's
         Don Quixote

         by Danielle Amato
  • TForum: Tim Miller's Visit to the Supreme Court
  • Scripts
  • Fur
         by Migdalia Cruz
  • The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek
         by Naomi Wallace