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Issue Number 14(TF14)

  • Overlapping Worlds: The Builders Association
         and Jump Cut (Faust)

         by Philippa Wehle
  • Brecht's Learning Plays: A Rehearsal Report
         on Robert Wilson's Ozeanflug at the Berliner

         by Holger Teshke
  • The Making of The Erotica Project
         by Erin Cressida Wilson
  • Forces of History: An Introduction to
         The Berlin Circle

         by Michelle Volansky
  • Who Is Moving Tokyo Downstage? Working
         on Kwaidan

         by Ariel Goldberger
  • Erosion Through Time: The Rest is Not Silence,
         The Lithuanian Hamlet of Eimuntas Nekrosius

         by Brigit Beumers
  • Ibsen's An Enemy of the People at the
         Thirty-fifth Berlin Theatertreffen

         by Richard Riddell
  • Sabina Berman's and Her Theatre
         by Kirsten F. Nigro
  • Interviews
  • Enormous Joy: Les Ballets C. de la B.
         by Adele Edling Shank
  • Scripts
  • The Berlin Circle
         by Charles L. Mee
  • Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman
         by Sabina Berman, translated by
         Shelley Tepperman