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Issue Number 18 (TF18)

  • Noise and Nudity: Kyoto's dumb type
         by Cynthia Gendrich and Woodrow Hood
  • It's a Nightmare, Really. The Radical
         Appropriations of Charles L. Mee

         by D.J. Hopkins and Shelley Orr
  • We Shall Be Monsters: The Performance
         Technology Research Laboratory

         by Matthew Causey
  • Krystian Lupa's Theatre: On Cirrhosis of
         the Conscience

         by Elzibeta Baniewicz
  • The Frog Queen: A German (Anti) Fairy Tale
         by Claudia Wilsch
  • Rich Maxwell: Dramatizing the Mundane
         by Philippa Wehle
  • Scarlet Theatre
         by Geraldine Cousin
  • Antunes Filho: Fifty Years Cultivating a
         Beginner's Mind on the Stage

         by Claudia Tatinge Nascimento
  • Scripts
  • Big Love, or, The Wedding of the Millennium
         by Charles L. Mee
  • The Frog Queen: A Kitchen Tale
         by Kerstin Specht, translated by Claudia Wilsch
  • Luscious Music
         by Matthew Maguire