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Issue Number 23 (TF23)

  • Tearjerkers and Mindgames: About
         Emil Hrvatin's Theatre Work

         by Luk Van den Dries
  • Epic Ragtime Soul Music, the Legacy of Slavery:
         Oliver Mayer's Ragged Time

         by Scott Horstein
  • The Theatrical Labyrinths of Maria Morett
         by Deborah Saivetz
  • Songs from the Between: Wishhounds Theatre's
         Blue Sky Transmission, a Tibetan Book of the

         by Lisa Wolford
  • Do you Speak/Hear/See Danish? Primo 2002,
         the Second Biennial Nordic Dance Festival

         by William Anthony
  • Who's Dreaming Whom? Pig Iron's Shut Eye
         by Amy Cook
  • A God, a Thermos, a Play: Elevator Repair
         Service Tackles Euripides' Bacchae

         by Julie Bleha
  • Notes on K.I. from "Crime"
         by John Freedman
  • Company Drift's Machine sons
         by Patricia Rincon
  • Scripts
  • Mujeres enel Encierro (Women in

         by Maria Morett, translated by Deborah Saivetz
  • Shut Eye
         by Joseph Chaikin and The Pig Iron Theatre
         Company, Text by Deborah Stein, Music by
         James Sugg
  • K.I. from "Crime"
         by Daniil Gink, translated by John Freedman