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Issue Number 24 (TF24)

  • Straight into the Body: Handmade Technology
         and the Akhe Group's White Cabin

         by Cynthia Gendrich
  • Living under Tibi's Law
         by Robert Cohen
  • Brazil's Teatro da Vertigem: Fall as Creation
         by Claudia Tatinge Nascimento
  • But All the World is Deaf: Theatre Bazi's
         Production of The Mute Who Was Dreamed

         by Jane Frere
  • On Fair Game
         by Karl Gajdusek
  • Impossible Things Are Happening Every Day:
         Medea/Macbeth/Cinderella at the Yale
         Repertory Theater

         by Mark Bly
  • Number Eleven Theatre's The Prague Visitor:
         A Journey Into a Canadian Company's Creative

         by Virginie Magnat
  • Scripts
  • Tibi's Law
         by Jean Verdun, translated by Robert Cohen with David Carroll
  • Fair Game
         by Karl Gajdusek