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Issue Number 27 (TF27)

  • Editorís Note
         by Adele Edling Shank
  • Cynthia Hopkins, Accidental Nostalgia
         by Judy Bauerlein
  • Boris Yukhananov, The Tale of an Upright Man
         by John Freedman
  • Roland Schimmelpfennig: Experiments in
         Dramatic Structure

         by Melanie Dreyer
  • Olivier Py, an Example: Subsidised Theatre in
         France Today

         by Annabel Poincheval
  • Olivier Py: an Interview
         by David Bradby and Annabel Poincheval
  • Yang Qian, Shenzhen Playwright
         by Mary Ann O'Donnell
  • Refracted Televisual Reflection: Genet's
         The Maids, Television, and Validating
         Performed Identities

         by Raimondo Genna
  • A Wild Man of the Theatre: Josh Fox and His
         International WOW Company

         by Philippa Wehle
  • TForum: Re-Mapping Latino Theatre:
         American Playwrights on the Edge of the Edge

         by Caridad Svich
  • Scripts
  • Woman From the Past
         by Roland Schimmelpfennig
  • Neither Type Nor Category
         by Yang Qian
  • The Expense of Spirit
         by Josh Fox