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Issue Number 30 (TF30)

  • Editor's Note
         by John Rouse
  • Beyond the Veil
         by Sam Trubridge
  • Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance
         Collaborative, Laura Harrington, and
         N (Bonaparte)

         by Kermit Dunkelberg
  • The Poetry of Excess: Nikolai Kolyada in

         by John Freedman
  • A "Bowler" Eclipse: How an Existential
         Vaudeville Act Became an American Theatre

         by Alex Lewin
  • Michael Thalheimer: Seducing the Audience
         with Suggestive Images

         by Klaus van den Berg
  • Introduction to Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell
         by Tony Taccone
  • Scripts
  • N (Bonaparte)
         by Laura Harrington
  • Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell
         by Culture Clash