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Issue Number 34 (TF34)

  • Editor's Note by Adele Edling Shank
  • Emerging Themes and New Aesthetics in
         Contemporary Finnish Theatre

         by Jeff Johnson
  • Michel Vinaverís Par-dessus bord (Overboard)
         in 2008

         by David Bradby
  • The Frankly Impossible Drama of Maksym
         Kurochkin: An Introduction to Repress and

         by John Freedman
  • Some Traces of Katie Mitchell
         by Aleks Sierz
  • The Truth Itself is a Kind of Bias:
         An Introduction to The Rant

         by Andrew Case
  • Needing the Dragon: Physical Experience vs.
         Cerebral Analysis in Banana Bag and Bodiceís
         Beowulf: A Thousand Years of Baggage

         by Christopher W. White
  • Dancing to the Cosmic Murmur: John Cage,
         Richard Foreman, and Nature Theater of
         Oklahomaís No Dice

         by Jacob Gallagher-Ross
  • Scripts
  • SCRIPT: The Rant
         by Andrew Case
  • SCRIPT: Repress and Excite
         by Maksym Kurochkin