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Listen to musical selections from
The Closest Farthest Away
by clicking on the song title.

For more songs from the play,
as well as statements from the artist,
see http://sagelewismusic.wordpress.com/.

All music © Project Por Amor, 2011
For more information on the music, as well as to listen to or purchase these and other songs from The Closest Farthest Away, visit http://sagelewismusic.wordpress.com/. The composer, Sage Lewis, can be found at https://sagelewismusic.com/.

Issue Number 38 (TF38)

  • Editor's Note by Adele Edling Shank
  • The Story of DAH
         by Dennis Barnett
  • "A Little Alien Thing": Introduction to Smudge
         by Jason Grote
  • SCRIPT: Smudge
         by Rachel Axler
  • Framing Metropolis: Performing Theatre of
         Affect at the Burning Man Project, 2010

         by Heather Lee Ramey
  • Cornerstone Theater Company's Justice Cycle
         by Anne García-Romero
  • David Greenspan and Sybil Kempson Breathe
         New Life Into Impossible Theatre

         by Helen Shaw
  •      CASEBOOK: The Closest Farthest Away
                              La Entrañable Lejanía
  • Bridging the Florida Straits & Beyond:
         U.S.-Cuba Theatre Making

         by Caridad Svich
  • Approaching The Closest Farthest Away
         Introduction by Joy Tomasko
  • SCRIPT: The Closest Farthest Away/
                        La Entrañable Lejanía

         Project Por Amor