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Issue Number 41(TF41)

  • Editor's Note by Jim Carmody
  • American (Hi)Story Re-presented and Revised:
         The Builders Association and the Making of

         by Francesca Spedalieri
  • Collapse and Renewal:
         Icelandic Theatre after the Banking Crisis

         by Jeff Johnson
  • Rodolf Sireraís Continuity With(in) History
         by John London
  • SCRIPT: Continuity
         by Rodolf Sirera
         Translated by John London
  • Ethiopia and Its Double
         by Thomas Riccio
  • Kristian Smedsís Countergeographies
         of Theatre

         by Hana Worthen
  • Dan LeFrancís The Big Meal
         Introduction by Adam Greenfield
  • SCRIPT: The Big Meal
         by Dan LeFranc