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Issue Number 43 (TF43)

  • Editor's Note by John Rouse
  • Total Dedication: Nature Theater of
         Oklahomaís Life and Times, Episodes 1-4

         by Helen Shaw
  • Eating Cilantro Tapioca Pudding with
         David Adjmi: Introduction to Marie Antoinette

         by Polly Carl
  • SCRIPT: Marie Antoinette
         by David Adjmi
  • The Ecologies of Dance Theatre: Sacred
         and Trans-CulturalEmbodiments of Gaia in
         Ecocentric by Overground Physical Theatre

         by Vessela S. Warner
  • Izumi Ashizawa: A Master in Our Midst
         by Dennis Barnett
  • Fade to White: Introduction to Antarktikos
         by Mead Hunter
  • SCRIPT: Antarktikos
         by Andrea Stolowitz
  • Ong Keng Senís Lear Dreaming:
         Humanity And Power In Process

         by Lisa Porter with Samantha Watson