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Issue Number 46 (TF46)

  • Editor’s Note by John Rouse
  • Waiting for Godot in Tehran
         by Rana Salimi
  • The Heart and Mind of Tree City
         by Bennett Fisher
  • SCRIPT: Tree City Legends
         by Dennis Kim
  • Crossfading Dramaturgy: Big Dance Theater's Alan      Smithee Directed this Play by Helen Shaw
  • On Losing One's Voice: Two Performances from Romeo      Castellucci's e la volpe disse al corvo by Daniel Sack
  • The Kindness of Radicals: Dissidence and Generosity      in the Theatre of Chris Goode and Company
         by Maddy Costa
  • El Henry: Herbert Siguenza's Epic Chicano Version of      Shakespeare's 1 Henry IV by Laura Zingle
  • SCRIPT: The Awake
         by Ken Urban
  • Actually Feeling It: S taging Ken Urban's The Awake
  • Touring with the New York Express
         by Philippa Wehle