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Issue Number 51 (TF51)

  • Editor’s Note by Theodore Shank
  • Episodic Theatre: How Television Narratives Benefit the      Stage by Emma Mackenzie Hillier
  • "My Home is in My Head": Enda Walsh at the 2016      Galway International Arts Festivalby Mead K. Hunter
  • Introduction: Another Word for Beauty
         by José Rivera
  • SCRIPT: Another Word for Beauty
         by José Rivera
  • Introduction: Peerless
         by Margot Bordelon
  • SCRIPT: Peerless
         by Jiehae Park
  • Layering Spectatorship: Live and Mediated Bodies in      Stein|Holum Projects' The Wholeheartedby Jim Short
  • Performing Vulnerability: An Examination of Carson      Kreitzer's Lasso of Truth by Brad Rothbart
  • SCRIPT: Lasso of Truth
         by Carson Kreitzer