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Our Current Issue

        Issue Number 52

  • Editor’s Note by Theodore Shank
  • TF Casebook: Transgender Performance
    Edited by Kara Raphaeli
  • Future to Run To
    By Kasson Marroquin
  • Past, Present, Future and the
         Transgender Shakespeare Company

         By Robin Craig
  • Confronting Authenticity: Why I Chose
         to Mix Casting in My Trans Play

         By Joshua Bastian Cole
  • Finding Balance Through Community:
         Georgette Kelly's Ballast

         By Kara Raphaeli
  • Introduction: in a word
         By Larissa Lury
  • Script: in a word
         By Lauren Yee
  • Without Walls Festival 2017 Casebook
         Edited by Sam Mitchell
  • Buried in Layers of Construction: A Review
         of Sledgehammer Theatre's Adaptation of
         Under Construction: An American Masque
         by Charles L. Mee

         By Jon Reimer
  • Embodied Deconstruction: A Review of
         The Trisha Brown Dance Company and
         Their Performance of In Plain Site

         By Sam Mitchell
  • Shasta Geaux Pop Review
         By Judy Bauerlein
  • So Say We All's Incoming:
         Fostering Community Over Beer

         By Jim Short
  • Turning Up the Volume on Reading:
         Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells' The Quiet Volume

         By Will Jones
  • What Survives: Community and Humanity
         Post-Apocalypse in And Then You Wait

         By Ava Geyer
  • Quest 3.0: Instilling Agency Through Interactive Drama
         By Jim Short
  • Introduction: Wild Goose Dreams
         By Gabriel Greene
  • Script: Wild Good Dreams
         By Hansol Jung
  • Illuminating the Debate Society and The Light Years
         By Nick Newell