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Abdoh, Reza TF04

Adams, Elissa TF05

Adjmi, David TF43

After the Flood: Resurrecting Prague's Archa Theatre

A God, a Thermos, a Play: Elevator Repair Service Tackles Euripides' Bacchae

Al-Bassam, Sulayman TF22

Alexander Bakshi and His Mythological Theatre of Sound: A Dialogue between Alexander Bakshi and Lyudmia Bakshi

Al-Hamlet Summit, The

Alias Compagnie of Geneva: An Interview with Choreographer Guilherme Botelho

A Little Alien Thing": Introduction to Smudge

Allegiance and the Construction of a New American Musical

Al Warsha in Cairo

Amato, Danielle TF13, TF17, TF19

Amendment 10

American (Hi)Story Re-presented and Revised: The Builders Association and the Making of HOUSE/DIVIDED

American Silents A Dramaturgical Collaboration with Anne Bogart

American West Inspires Tanztheater Wuppertal, The

Am I Mad? Creating The Al-Hamlet Summit

Anna Deavere Smith's HOUSE ARREST: First Edition

Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker: Dance Becomes Theatre


Antenna Theatre

Anthony, William TF13, TF23

Antunes Filho: Fifty Years Cultivating a Beginner's Mind on the Stage

Aquatic Ape, The

Aquatic Ape: An Introduction, The

Arbeit Macht Freiin Toitland Europa

Architect’s Walk, The

Aronson, Arnold TF10

Art and Morality: The Plays of Igor Bauersima & Rejane Desvignes

Astrid Saalbach and Red and Green: an Introduction

Athol Fugard: Regionalism, Cultural Diversity, and Other Matters

Athol Fugard's Sorrows and Rejoicings

Atrocities of Les Atrides: Mnouchkine's Tragic Vision, The

Auslander, Philip TF07

Axler, Rachel TF38


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