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Caden Manson and Big Art Group's House of No More: Creating Monsters for our Time

Calixto Bieito: A Catalan Director on the International Stage

Carl, Polly TF40, TF43

Carlson, Marvin TF39

Carmody, Jim TF03, TF04, TF08, TF13, TF22, TF25, TF26, TF29, TF33, TF37

Carroll, David TF24

Carson, Arthur TF07

Carson, Sydney TF07

Case, Andrew TF34

CASEBOOK: Guillermo Gómez-Peña

CASEBOOK: In the Penal Colony: Commission, Collaboration, Coproduction


CASEBOOK: Rothchild's Fiddle

CASEBOOK: The Closest Farthest Away/La Entrañable Lejanía

Casino Pow Wow

Cate, Ritsaert ten TF01

Cathay: Three Tales of China

Causey, Matthew TF18

Certain Music: Francon Revisits Vinaver's Les voisin, A

Chaikin, Joseph TF23

Changing Space of Russian Theatre, The

Changing Worlds: A Discussion with Alex Darie, Barney Simon, and Lev Dodin

Chants Libres Presents Yo soy la desintigracion, Inspired by the Journal of Frida Kahlo

Chapman, Matthieu TF40

Chemers, Michael TF31

Cherrie Moraga's Heroes and Saints: Chicano Theatre for the 90s

Cheng, Meiling TF11, TF19

Chinese Peformance Artists: Redrawing the Map of Chinese Culture

Chong, Ping TF28

Chumley, Dan TF20

Clemons, Leigh TF21

Climenhaga, Royd TF25, TF31

The Closest Farthest Away/La Entrañable Lejanía

Cloud, Darrah TF07

Clua, Guillem,TF39

Code-switching Elizabeth: Performing in English and Japanese

Cohen, Robert TF24

Coleman, Heidi TF12

Collaborating Offshore

Collapse and Renewal: Icelandic Theatre after the Banking Crisis

Com'è la tua isola?': The Living Theatre's Don Quixote

Comedy for These Urgent Times: Culture Clash in America

Comedy, Tragedy, and “Universal Structures”:Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio’s Inferno, Purgatorio,and Paradiso

Coming to Sleep: A Travelogue in Science and Perform ance with the Playground’s Sleep/Awake

Company Drift's Machine à sons

Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West: An Introduction

Concerning Strange Devices From the Distant West


Conversation with Matthias Schmiegelt, A

Cook, Amy TF23

Cornerstone Theater Company's Justice Cycle

Cornish, Matt TF40

Cosson, Steven TF11

Counts, Michael TF21

Count Your Blessings: Chaos Theory on Stage in the Netherlands

Cousin, Geraldine TF18

Creating Skin: An Interview with Naomi Iizuka

Croggon, Alison TF36, TF37

Cross-Cultural Performance in a Globalized World

Crossings: A Communal Journey of Catholic Immigrants Across Los Angeles

Crouch, Kristin TF26

Crowhurst Story, The

Cruz, Migdalia TF13

Culture Clash TF30

Culture Clash's Zorro in Hell

Cultural Routes Across the Arab World: A Panel Discussion

Cultural Transformations: Non-European Imports to British Theatre


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