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Mabou Mines in Mexico: Las Horas de Belén

Mac Wellman on 7 Blowjobs

Mackey, Steven TF15

Madame Killer

Madness That Makes Sane: Mania in Tadashi Suzuki's Dionysus, The

Magnat, Virginie TF24

Maguire, Matthew TF18, TF21

Making History: An Interview with Suzan-Lori Parks

Making Music Visible: The Theatrical Work of Carlos Santos

Making of GO GO GO, The

Making of The Erotica Project, The

Making of Zumbi, The

Maly Drama Theatre TF01, TF02

Malone, Kirby TF35

Manufacturing Dreams: The Shape-Shifting Poetics of WaxFactory


Marga Gomez: Resistance from the Periphery

Marie Antoinette

Mariela in the Desert


Margraff, Ruth TF22

Mark Ravenhill's Shoot/GetTreasure/Repeat: A Treasure Hunt in London

Marnich, Melanie TF19, TF26

Mason, Barbara TF16

Mason, Susan TF08, TF16

Mathieu, Patrick TF28

Matt and Mee: An Introduction to The War To End War

Mau Sen on File 0

McDonald, Marianne TF01, TF04, TF09, TF19, TF21

Mee, Jr., Charles L. TF05, TF18

Mellor, Simon TF02

Menace of the Eumenides: Midnight Madness in Montpellier, The

Meryl Tankard's Australian Dance Theatre

Mexican Beasts, Holy Gang Members, and Webbacks

Michael Thalheimer: Seducing the Audience with Suggestive Images

Michel Vinaver’s Par-dessus bord (Overboard) in 2008

Michna, Catherine TF39

Millard, Kathryn TF05

Miller, Judith G. TF19

Mimos in Perigueux

Minyana, Philippe TF13

Mistrik, Milos TF05

Misunderstanding Los Biombos: A Response to Irresponsible Press

Miyagawa, Chiori TF37

Mohr, Jeannette TF04

Mojgani, Naysan TF37

Molloy, Honor TF31

Morett, Maria TF23

Moving Forward: An Interview with Melanie Marnich

Mujeres enel Encierro (Women in Confinement)

Mukasa, Manu TF03

Mukhina, Olga TF15, TF40

Mullins, Brighde TF12

Murillo, Carlos TF20, TF26


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