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Theatre and Dance Department Enrollment Guide

Notes to you from Staff and Former Students Concerning Enrolling for Classes

GENERAL NOTES When are specific courses offered?
How do I get into a class?
Do I really have to take the prerequisites?
How do I know if I'll like the class or the Instructor?
How does the Department handle waitlists?
LOWER DIVISION CLASSES When are these classes offered?
What should I know?
ACTING CLASSES Do I have to audition before I can enroll? 
When do I get credit for a production?
DANCE CLASSES When are they offered?
How do I get credit for performing?
What if I've been dancing for years?
DESIGN CLASSES How do I get enrolled in design classes?
Can I do more work for credit in Design?
DIRECTING AND STAGE MANAGEMENT Why are there not Directing classes each quarter?
What happened to the lower division Stage Management Practicum?
How do I get more directing and stage management experience and credit?
PLAYWRITING CLASSES When are they offered?
Do they involve much writing?
Are they big classes?
Do they close quickly?
CLASS SCHEDULE What is offered this quarter?
Can I see what has been taught recently?

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All courses are not offered every year. Do not assume that a course listed in the UCSD Catalog will be available to you during any specific year. Just because a course was offered last Winter is no guarantee it will be offered in the same quarter this or next year - low enrollment, conflicts in scheduling demands, or instructor availability can change the offerings. You can check with the Undergraduate Coordinator to see how often a particular course has been offered in the past. This may give you an edge when planning your year.

Talk to your friends and classmates and read the CAPE reviews to find out which courses and/or faculty members will best suit your academic agenda. CAPE reviews can be found at your college advising office, the library, and, for the 1999/2000 school year, in the Theatre and Dance Dept.'s Undergraduate Coordinator's office.

Check the bulletin boards in the main lobby of Galbraith Hall regularly for announcements of auditions, class sign-ups, and other related notices.

Pay special attention to completing your major/minor requirements as early as possible. Your major and/or minor requirements are published in the UCSD Catalog that was in effect in the first quarter in which you were at UCSD. You must finish all of them to graduate, and may have to plan carefully to do so. For example, we recommend you take your Practicum course during your first year at UCSD. Seats in Practicum courses are extremely limited, so you may not get a seat if you wait to take the class during your last three planned quarters. You will then have to return the following year to complete the requirement.

Prerequisites are enforced. If you do not meet all the prerequisites for a course but feel you have substantial equivalent experience, talk to the instructor or to the Undergraduate Coordinator to see if something can be arranged. You may not be required to take a specific course, but if it is one that is a prerequisite for a course you ARE required to take, it would behoove you to get it out of the way early. If you see a course has a Department Stamp requirement, you will need an Instructor's approval to take the class.

Even if an instructor allows you to bypass a required prerequisite, you still must eventually fulfill all graduation requirements as listed in your Catalog. You will have to take the prerequisite course or make arrangements with the department to take another class in its place so that you have enough hours to graduate. Do so at your earliest convenience.

Always waitlist a course that you really want/need to take if it is full. Though you think the odds are against you, you may have a good chance of getting in, so don"t give up! Attend the first class meeting to hold your standing. If you can't attend the first class, contact the Instructor ahead of time to see if they will consider you for the class. Department priorities are usually that Senior majors and minors have first shot at any available spaces, but it is ultimately up to the instructor as to who gets into his or her class and in which priority students are accepted.

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Intro to Design (THDE 1) is not offered every quarter. Take it as soon as you can if you are a Theatre major.  THDE 1 is one of two possible prerequisites for the required upper-division Lighting Design class (THDE 121). The other is THPR3 Lighting Practicum. If you have to take a Practicum class other than the Lighting Practicum, you can take THDE 1 Intro to Design. You will have to have taken one or the other of the prerequisites to get into THDE 121. Plan ahead.

Intro to Play Analysis (THHS 10) is a new course and will take the place of the upper division major requirement THGE100 Major Seminar for those people who have not already taken the Seminar. THGE100 is discontinued as of Fall, 2001.

Intro to Playwriting (THPW 1) is offered only in the Fall quarter. It is the prerequisite for most upper-division playwriting courses.

Lower division Theatre History (THHS) classes are each offered one per quarter each year

  • Intro to Play Analysis (THHS 10) is offered in the Fall and Winter.
  • Classical to Renaissance (THHS 11) is offered in the Fall.
  • Neoclassicism to Realism (THHS 12) is offered in the Winter.
  • Symbolism to Postmodernism (THHS 13) is offered in the Spring.
All majors and minors in this department must take a Practicum to graduate unless you have had this requirement formally waived by petition. If you have had it waived, you must pass the UCSD DOT safety test to receive credit towards graduation. There is no pre-enrollment for Practicum courses. Students interested in a Stage Management Practicum should contact Steven Adler during the quarter prior to the quarter in which they wish to take the class. For all other Practicum classes, go to the first day of class.

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You must have completed Intro to Acting (THAC 1) to audition for any Department theatre production. If you audition and are cast in a Department production, you will enroll in a specific four-unit upper division Acting class and a one-unit THGE108 class.

Some, but not all, upper-division Acting classes require an audition. Instructions from the person teaching the class will be posted on the bulletin board as they are available.

Most advanced Acting courses (THAC 104 and above) are offered only once a year. Take advantage of them when you have the chance!

Actors, consider taking directing courses - Text Analysis (THDR 108) it is geared for actors as well as directors, and many students have said they have learned a lot about Acting from taking Directing 1 (THDR 111).

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Most introductory and intermediate movement courses are offered each quarter. More advanced classes may not be offered each quarter. Advanced Dance students should discuss their options with the Faculty Dance Advisor early in the year.

Faculty Dance Repertory in the Winter Quarter requires auditions in the first week of Winter classes. Show up on the first day of class unless you hear otherwise.

The Student Dance Concert in the Spring quarter requires auditions for dancers within the first few weeks of the quarter. Auditions for developed dances happen later in the quarter. 

If you have significant dance experience and want to move into an intermediate or advanced class without taking the basic prerequisites for it at UCSD, contact the higher- level class's instructor. They will watch you dance, and will sign an Add/Drop card that you will bring to the Department to be stamped and then take to the Registrar's Office to enroll.

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Intro to Design (THDE 1) is required for all Theatre majors and may be used to fulfill a lower division requirement for minors, and is usually offered in the Fall and Winter quarters.

Upper division Design classes may be held only once or twice each year. Lighting Design has heavy enrollment, as it is a required class for Dance majors, and so will fill quickly. Design classes typically have waitlists.

There are design opportunities for the undergraduate mainstage productions. You can receive upper division design or elective credit towards your degree with faculty approval. Check with Ron Ranson for details.

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Directing and Stage Management courses tend to have low enrollment and, thus, are not offered each quarter.

You may fulfill your lower division practicum requirement by doing an upper division Stage Management practicum. You will have to have completed THDR101 Stage Management prior to being allowed to enroll in the upper division Stage Management Practicum.  Contact Steven Adler, Director of Theatre, if you are interested in doing Stage Management work. The lower division Stage Management Practicum course has been discontinued as of Fall, 2001.  

There are often opportunities to work as assistants to directors or stage managers on Department productions. You can earn upper division credit applicable to your degree for this work.  

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Upper division Playwriting courses are generally offered only once a year, usually in Winter or Spring.Take them when you can! These courses, as most are most of our upper division courses, are deliberately kept small to enhance your learning experience. All Theatre majors must take an upper division Playwriting class, so there may be a waitlist. Playwriting courses are writing-intensive. You must have taken the lower division prerequisite (THPW1) to enroll in an upper division playwriting class.

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