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  Verónica Santiago Moniello
Second-year MFA Dance Student


Folkwang University of the Arts


She is currently MFA candidate in Dance & Theatre program at the University of San Diego in California. At the moment working on her dance piece“Simultaneously Futura” in California, "The implicit language body" and "the body that has been possessed" is her research on going, funded by Tinker Fellowships, Center for Latin American & Caribbean studies, and the Friends Scholarships of California. Recently she collaborated in a multi-media dance performance together with Yolande Snaith “Measuring the dream” within the Calit2 space (California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.) During this summer (2016) she was involved as a Choreographer in the first edition of “fillimit” within the Korespondance Festival in the city of Zdar at Czech republic, also she gave a workshop "Animal Vivo" in Mérida- Venezuela, as part of her research. There she collaborated with the director Gabriel Torres Morandi and Androgynous Foundation. Early in this year she was working with Yolande Snaith and Katie Duck "Woman for the Sake of it/ Girls at Work." She is also involved as a co-creator with artist Javier Fresneda and choreographer Tania Solomonoff in multidisciplinary project “Enduring.” in Mexico city, Recently she has been invited to collaborate in “Suss Ages" a forthcoming artistic laboratory located in DCP-Discursive and Curatorial Productions in UCSD.

Verónica began her studies at “Piso rojo” School of Contemporary Dance and Iudanza University of Contemporary Dance in Venezuela. In parallel, she had been working as interpreter with the following companies: Caracas Roja Laboratorio, Compañía Nacional de Teatro de Venezuela, Danza Hoy, Río Teatro Caribe and La Máquina Teatro. In 2004 she received a scholarship by the IAEM in order to continue her studies at the Folkwang Universität der Künste in Essen (Germany) (2004-2009) During her season in Germany she worked with the choreographers, Felix Burkle, Samir Akika-Unusual Symptoms, Chikako Kaido, Leandro Kees, Rodolfo Leoni, Mark Sieczkarek, the stage directors Klaus Schreiber and Gabriel Torres Morandi. Also she was involved in Pina Bauch ́s repertoire “Sacre du printemps” She participated in several European festivals, including "Drei wochen mit Pina Bauch" in Wuppertal. In Germany she had also directed two dance pieces, "Passage" and "Under", and two solos: “Primer día” and "Lucrecia." In 2009 she moved to Spain and worked In Madrid created a duet with Candelaria Antelo, "Extracto", which was showed in several spaces in Madrid (Spain.) During her season in Madrid she developed "Way Out," her first video dance piece with photographer Iñaki Pardo, recorded at La Tabacalera Cultural Centre.

In 2010 she moved to Mexico, where she worked as a performer, creator, improviser, and docent in Tumáka`t Dance Company. There she had participated in creation processes alongside with Luis Biassoto, Diana Szeimblum, Vladimir Rodriguez, Cecilia Colacrai, Vania Duran, Angelle Herbert, Phillip Kraft and Fernado Melo. These dance pieces were presented in several venues in Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Belize, Spain and Venezuela. During these tours Verónica gave workshops (2011-2015) She performed "Dizziness" with Alexander Carrillo in “La Rendija” (Mexico), and also in LaborGras (Germany) In the same year she directed "a_ereo" which was presented in Mexico, Belize, Venezuela. Part of her research focuses on the relationships between motion and unstable surfaces —conceived as structures of change— in order to generate motion sequences. From this research aroused the creation process “En un lado, la casa” developed in Tumáka`t Dance Company. This piece was after included in the publication “Recetario Coreográfico” curated by the artist group Colectivo A.M. (Mexico.) In 2014 she participated in “NOMAD: The Blue Road” project organized by “Dance Monks” (Berkeley- California U.S.)

Tumblr: http://esemismoviento.tumblr.com/


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