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MFA Design Students & Candidates

The MFA Design program trains students in the best professional practices of regional and commercial theatre. The design faculty are award-winning working professionals also committed to teaching. The design training program stresses an interaction with the works of many visual artists from a wide range of disciplines. We teach students traditional methods, but also encourage spontaneity, free of preconceptions. We train students to create designs that "comment" on the play and the text, not merely "illustrate" it. Students' talent and design work are showcased at a number of venues that have directly resulted in many national grants, awards, and other work opportunities for our alumni.

Mextly Almeda
Natalie Barshow
Justin Beets
Hsi-An Chen
Christopher Flagstad
Miranda Friel
Stephen Jensen
Sam Keamy-Minor
Minjoo Kim
Nicholas Ponting
Yi-Chien Lee
MaeAnn Ross
Lindsay Stevens
Daniella Toscano
Dorottya Vincze
Zhongran Wang

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