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The department's faculty features artists and scholars with national and international profiles whose research and professional work is integral to their work as teachers.

Scholars in the department are in the forefront of their respective fields and the work of faculty artists is seen regularly in New York, at major American regional theatres, in Europe and elsewhere around the world.

* Indicates current Graduate Area Head. ** Indicates current Undergraduate Area Head

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Department Chair: Allan Havis

Acting Dance Design
Eva Barnes

Marco Barricelli

Stephen Buescher

Robert Castro

Jennifer Chang **

Ursula Meyer

Natalie Griffith Robichaux

Richard Robichaux *

Kim Rubinstein

Continuing Lecturers in Acting

Todd Salovey

Linda Vickerman

Kim Walsh

Liam Clancy **

Eric Geiger *

Patricia Rincon

Yolande Snaith

Continuing Lecturers in Dance

Kristin Arcidiacono

Maria Caligagan

Tony Caligagan

Sandra Foster King

Gerhard Gessner

Alicia Rincon

Tonnie Sammartano

Judith Sharp

Alison Dietterle Smith

Terry A. Wilson

Robert Brill *

Judith Dolan

Mark Guirguis **

Victoria Petrovich

Directing History & Theory, PhD Playwriting

Robert Castro

Kim Rubinstein

Vanessa Stalling *

Julie Burelle *

Marianne McDonald

Jade Power-Sotomayor

Emily Roxworthy

Janet Smarr

Allan Havis

Naomi Iizuka *

Deborah Stein

Stage Management Emeritus Faculty  

Lisa Porter *

Lora Powell

Michael Addison

Steven Adler

Andrei Belgrader

Andrei Both

Alan Burrett

Jim Carmody

Frantisek Deak

Kyle Donnelly

Deb Dryden

Allyson Green

Jorge Huerta

Robert Israel

Walton Jones

Margaret Marshall

Charlie Oates

Steven Pearson

Ron Ranson

John Rouse

Jonathan Saville

Theodore Shank

Gabor Tompa

Les Waters

James Winker

Faculty in Memoriam    

Eric Christmas

Mary Corrigan

Tony Curiel

Floyd Gaffney

Luther James

Chris Parry

Alan Schneider

Adele Edling Shank

Arthur Wagner


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