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Lighting Department Guidelines for Designers

These Guidelines have been developed taking into account the UCSD staffing level in the Lighting Department and the scale and time given to each production. They are not intended to unnecessarily restrict your designs--but please come and discuss any exceptions with us first.

Make yourself familiar with the information in the LJP designer packet. If there is any additional information that you need please contact the Lighting Supervisor.

The permanently circuited Electrics cannot be moved for University productions. They are on linesets 4, 18, and 37. Up to four additional Electrics may be used (be sure to coordinate lineset assignments with the scenic designer); more than that should not be used without prior discussion and approval by the faculty advisor and/or Lighting Supervisor.

Any non-standard positions (i.e. tail-downs, angled Electrics, etc.) must be discussed and approved by the Lighting Supervisor prior to the date on which the plot is due.

All over-stage positions must be accessible by ladder (electric lift) or by a bridge. If a bridge is necessary, it will take three linesets adjacent to the Electric which it is servicing. Please inform the Lighting Supervisor as soon as possible if bridges are needed for a production. 

Any equipment that you would like to use that does not appear on the inventory of the space should be discussed with the Lighting Supervisor prior to the date that the plot is due.

Any "practicals" should be discussed with the Lighting Supervisor prior to the date on which the plot is due. Coordination with the scenic designer is important in determining who pays for the piece and what labor is required.

All designs should be presented to the faculty advisor for approval, in finished condition, at least one day prior to the date that the plot is due to the Lighting Supervisor. This approval will be indicated by the advisor's signature on the primary drafting plate. The Lighting Supervisor will not accept any design without the faculty advisor's approval unless prior arrangements have been made.

Please adhere to the due date for the handing in of the Light Plot. The Lighting Supervisor will expect it by 9 AM on the day that it is due. Please allow an hour for discussion of the plot with the Lighting Supervisor at this time. If for any reason the plot is not available at 9 AM on the due date please inform the Lighting Supervisor as early as possible to reschedule. This should only occur under unusual circumstances-the deadline should be considered as such.

When handing in your plot, please provide all of the following to the Lighting Supervisor:

  • Two (2) copies of the plot
  • Two (2) copies of any necessary detail drawings
  • One (1) copy of the Section
  • Two (2) copies of all paperwork

Copies of the plot should also go to the Scene Shop and to Stage Management.

The plot should contain channel and template notation, but other information (focus notes, dimmers, etc.) should be left off.

Paperwork should include the following:

  • Hook Up
  • Instrument Schedule
  • Color Count

  • Instrument Count
  • Template information 

During the hang and load-in period either the Designer or Assistant Designer should keep in daily contact with the Lighting Supervisor. 

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