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Home is where the heart is, and the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.


Second Sites: Tales of Alternate Routes weaves together dance, theater and found text to explore the importance of architecture, landscape and migration to the human soul.  Marco Polo, Vitruvius, suburban homeowners and Haitian refugees among others make up the cast of characters who love, are torn apart and journey for solace. Wear your walking shoes!

     I’ve wanted to do a piece about architecture for a long time because the buildings we construct say much about who we are. When we put buildings together and try to imagine communities we touch on a basic human need...to be near each other. Great societies build great buildings that eventually crumble and yield to new great societies.

     And on a smaller scale, we each have notions of home. Some of us stay in the same place: some of us never put down roots. These stories are about those who leave home and those who stay and the magical worlds we create for ourselves--real and invisible.

~Nadine George-Graves

NADINE GEORGE-GRAVES (PhD, Northwestern). PhD Faculty. Nadine's work is situated at the intersection of African American studies, feminist studies, theatre history, and dance history. She is the author of The Royalty of Negro Vaudeville: The Whitman Sisters and the Negotiation of Race, Gender, and Class in African American Theater, 1900-1940 (New York: St. Martinís, 2000) and is already well into her second book, Urban Bush Women and Postmodern Black Performance. In addition to her impressive scholarship, Nadine has written four plays and a screenplay. She also has extensive experience and training as an actor, director, dancer, and choreographer.

Nadine and I were excited to have this opportunity to merge the areas of theatre and dance in the creation of an original production together. We both love a complex theatre experience, where multiple stories can unfold through language, movement, sound, and visual imagery. This production of Second Sites was a collaborative effort in every way: our performers enthusiastically generated ideas and movements; our designers dreamed up evocative sonic and visual landscapes to traverse; and, our stage managers expertly kept the whole journey in fluid motion. We hope you will discover and add your own stories through these tales of alternate routes.

~Allyson Green

ALLYSON GREEN (MFA, Choreography, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) is a choreographer and visual artist who was based in New York from 1986-2001 and joined UCSD in 2003. She was a noted performer and the rehearsal director in the companies of Yoshiko Chuma SOHK, Charles Moulton, Doug Varone, Randy Warshaw, and Bill Young. Her company Allyson Green Dance has been presented to critical acclaim in Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Macedonia, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Venezuela, and the United States.  Her work is produced regularly in New York by such venues as Danspace Project, Dance Theater Workshop and Symphony Space.  She has been a frequent international collaborator with such noted choreographers as Ben Wright in London, José Navas and Dominique Porte in Montreal, and Meg Stuart in Brussels.

Staged in both theatre (Mandell Weiss Forum Studio) and dance (Molli & Arthur Dance Bldg’s Studio III) venues as well as surrounding environments, Second Sites: Tales of Alternate Routes draws upon the talents of undergraduate actors and dancers seen here being directed by Professor Nadine George-Graves.



Full Cast

Katarina Beckman
Yasmine El-Azzeh
Tricia Frazier
Daniel Kim
Nick Louie
Kate McKnight
Richard Pham
Cheetah Platt
Carrie Prince
Paul Scudder
Andrew Simon
Sharon Skare
Nate Snyder
Katy Stoll
Michelle Strange
Milana Vayntrub
Alicia Viola
Lowena Waries
Ashley Watkins
Gali Weissberger


Creative Team

Co-Creators: Nadine George-Graves & Allyson Green
Scenic Designer: Giao-Chau Ly
Lighting Designer: Matthew Bright
Projections Designer: Tom Ontiveros
Costume Designer: Kanoko Takagi
Sound Designer: Kristal Ip & Scott Nielsen
Production Stage Manager: Kelly Glasow


Production Photos (taken by Manuel Rotenberg)



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Limited Seating / No Late Seating



November 29, 8 pm Opens
November 30, 8 pm
December   1, 8 pm
December   2, 8 pm Closes



Staged in both theatre (Mandell Weiss Forum Studio) and dance (Molli & Arthur Dance Bldg’s Studio III) venues as well as surrounding environments.

Mandell Weiss Forum Theatre, UCSD Theatre District
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