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In the Mandell Weiss FORUM Theatre:


by Jennifer Barclay (MFA 09)
Directed by Tom Dugdale

In an apartment building feverish with yearning, neighbors eavesdrop on neighbors; the government sends menacing letters and the past won't stop knocking.  And through all the noise, Ned weaves a love story for his upstairs neighbor Salvia, luring her off to a land far far away.





by Stephanie Timm (MFA 10)
Directed by Lori Petermann

Once upon a time in a raped and pillaged land where wolves prowl the woods and an endless war is all that anyone remembers, the youngest of three sisters is picked to marry a man she's never met who lives across the sea. When the next youngest sister gets the chance to marry and live happily after, she discovers that hope might just be her worst enemy.


In the Mandell Weiss Forum STUDIO:


by Ronald McCants (MFA 10)
Directed by Jeff Wienckowski

A Latino teen convicted of murder is hiding something about the murder he committed. As his counselor in a correctional facility tries to discover the truth behind an apparently senseless murder, his own family secrets begin to surface. In a world where nothing is ever what it seems, how do you determine justice? How much can you trust what you see? Can you ever truly know another person?


In the Arthur Wagner Theatre:

Clementine and the Cyber Ducks

by Krista Knight (MFA 11)
Directed by Adam Arian

A dark comedic riff on the classic folk song set during the 1849 Gold Rush and the 1990s dot.com bubble. Clementine moves to California with her father to strike it rich. As Clementine gets sucked into a series of schemes and scams, the world turns into an ecstatic American Dreamscape full of shotgun-wielding sisters, angry miners, and a steampunk chorus of deviant ducks.



Nicole and Anthony - Staged Reading

by Paul A. Notice II, winner of the third annual Dr. Floyd Gaffney
Playwriting Competition on the African-American Experience
Directed by Kim Rubinstein

Set in Boston and Norfolk, Virginia, Nicole and Anthony travels lyrically through time following the life of a freed bi-racial woman - Nicole - as she returns to the chains of modern slavery. Nicole collides with a collection of men who represent the various faces of American society and her painful interactions with others detonate.





This festival is made possible by a generous donation from Ken & Ginger Baldwin

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