If you woke up with no memory of who you were, what would be the darkest secret you could discover about yourself? Willard awakens to this very question in a strange, mysterious environment, and with the help of the enigmatic—but strangely familiar—Susie, he begins piecing together the clues of his forgotten life. What he discovers is that he may not be the hero of his own story…he may be the worst kind of villain instead.

Director - Thomas Miller
Playwright - Kevin Reyes

The Cast

Willard - Michael Chen
Lucy - Missy Biferno
Mona - Kelly Miles
Girl - Daivee-Chantel Allen
Girl - Josefine Damgaard
Girl - Heather Geisler
Young Susie - Annelise Shafer
Susie - Brianna Hill
Clyde - August Mao