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The Underground
New Play Festival


@ Arthur Wagner Theatre

June 1 - 9


About the Festival

Celebrate the artistic achievements of our undergraduate playwrights, directors, designers, and actors in a festival dedicated to world-premiere plays and work created entirely by undergrads.

Every year, the Underground New Play Festival selects and mounts a full production for 6-8 new short plays. New and experienced directors, designers, and actors join together to create works of art bigger than any one person could hope for; works of art that could not exist as they do in any other place, with any other artists.


Video: Thomas Miller, UNPF Artistic Director,
gives a brief overview of UNPF (:20).
Video: Thomas Miller Talks
about UNPF's Showcase 'A' (1:04).
Video: Thomas Miller Talks
about UNPF's Showcase 'B' (:50).

The Plays

Showcase A

It’s All in Your Head - A solo journey through different brains and altered states of human experience. A vignette style monodrama that touches upon mental disorders and satisfies the desire to see the world from another’s eyes. This piece will fuse live performance with video art to create a vibrant multimedia experience.

Toasted - Donald McQueen, a suicidal has-been writer, steals the work of his bright and talented pupil, Rowan, in the hopes of attaining his former literary glory. When Rowan dies, and the manuscript is stolen, Donald must face his own ugliness, find the manuscript, and discover the will and magic to live again.

May the Light Take Me - May the Light Take Me deals with the pains and frustrations of unrequited love, diving deep into the transformation of the soul through life and death. Dedicated to J, as a final thrust into reality. Performers: Timothy Barnett, Dusty Bayers, Alexa Ulrich

FTC - There are clowns in a mental hospital. There is a tyrannical banana who tries to steal the door to make sure the clowns continue to be funny. They play and they fight and they never leave. You could say this is what the play is about, but perhaps this listing of events is too simplistic. Perhaps.


Showcase B

But a Walking Shadow - We always want what we can’t have. But what if we could have it? We are constantly faced with opportunities for connection, but too often we are so blinded by our desire for the unattainable that we miss our chance to connect. Is it possible to translate our illusion into the physical world or do we keep ourselves stuck in a world that only we could dream of?

Hallways - For the final barrier between Life: Part I and Life: Part II, college goes by deceptively quickly. Sure, there are all sorts of drunken revelry and rainy-day frolicking to remember, but those flash by faster than frat boys at the undie run. And what’s this about “finding yourself”? I mean, if you’re yourself, shouldn’t you know who you are already? Mildred and Alex are two sometime- friends, sometime-lovers, and sometime-rivals, kindred spirits accompanying each other in their respective journeys toward (here-is-your-cue-to-sigh) finding themselves. They’ll scream and write and tumble and cry and gesticulate and run and fight and fall from scene to scene to scene, every second a different person. And though they’ll try to seek resolution post-college, just like other wandering college students, it probably isn’t what they think it is. After all, relationships between people-- romantic or otherwise-- really only end in three ways: they stay, they break up, or somebody dies. And that’s a little bleak for college, don’t you think?

Dawning Pupil(s) - We have a stage. We have our bodies. We have your bodies. Watch this space.

Domino Brain - Miriam and Gertrude seem to be a unit working in what seems to be an apartment building when a catastrophe hits. The tenants disappear and the two women are left to figure things out on their own, until Ava arrives. Ava’s presence drives a bigger and bigger wedge between the other women, and every time the Mailman shows up, he brings more presents for Ava to be destructive with. They know that someone needs to go, but who? Clarity and reason are no longer in reach, and fear of...something...anything...takes over.



Showcase A

Fri,June 1,8:00 pm OPENING
Sat,June 2,8:00 pm  
Thurs,June 7,8:00 pm  
Sat,June 9,2:00 pm MATINEE/CLOSING

Showcase B

Sat,June 2,2:00 pm MATINEE/OPENING
Wed,June 6,8:00 pm  
Fri,June 8,8:00 pm  
Sat,June 9,8:00 pm CLOSING


Parking & Location

Located at:

Arthur Wagner Theatre

Parking Passes Required: Monday through Friday. Weeknight passes are $2 per vehicle from the vending machines located in the UC San Diego Theatre District/La Jolla Playhouse parking lots and entry display case. Please remember your parking space number. You will need it to purchase your parking pass.

Note: Machines take all major credit cards except Discover and when paying with cash you must use exact change, NO CHANGE GIVEN.

Parking Passes Not Required: Saturdays and Sundays

Cars without permits are subject to ticketing by UCSD Campus Police. The Theatre & Dance Department does not have the authority to waive and cannot pay parking tickets.




Advance tickets for this production are available online through this weblink.

At-the-Door tickets, if available, are "pay what you can" starting one hour
before show time at the Arthur Wagner Theatre.


$5 Advance Tickets Online
"Pay What You Can" at the Door


See Production Photos for UNPF
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