For the final barrier between Life: Part I and Life: Part II, college goes by deceptively quickly. Sure, there are all sorts of drunken revelry and rainy-day frolicking to remember, but those flash by faster than frat boys at the undie run. And what’s this about “finding yourself”? I mean, if you’re yourself, shouldn’t you know who you are already? Mildred and Alex are two sometime- friends, sometime-lovers, and sometime-rivals, kindred spirits accompanying each other in their respective journeys toward (here-is-your-cue-to-sigh) finding themselves. They’ll scream and write and tumble and cry and gesticulate and run and fight and fall from scene to scene to scene, every second a different person. And though they’ll try to seek resolution post-college, just like other wandering college students, it probably isn’t what they think it is. After all, relationships between people-- romantic or otherwise-- really only end in three ways: they stay, they break up, or somebody dies. And that’s a little bleak for college, don’t you think?

Director - Hannah Larson
Playwright - Andrew Hsieh

The Cast

Alex - Sean Farris
Millie - Brittany Kvalvik