Yanipsich Krumbach
and the Infinite Day Blue

Every day Yanipsich looks out the window of his watch shop to see a beautiful woman start her day. When she fails to appear, he pays her a visit that will change his life forever.

The Cast

Yanipsich - Wylie Simpson
Marya - Anna Gebarski
Isabella - Stacy Mauro
Narrator - Will Thomas
Ancestors - Emma Epps
Janessa Mosqueda

The Creative Team

Director - Jenny Grober
Playwright - Timothy Barnett
Prod. Stage Manager - Marguerite Sugden
Asst. Stage Manager - Madeline Hamaguchi
Scenic Designers - Sarah Kowalski
Katie Hutchins
Lighting Designer - Dolly Zhao
Asst. Lighting Designer - Junko Takechi
Costume Designer - Rosie Byrne
Sound Designer - Lily Voon