Let's Talk About You Next Time

The year is 1995, and Elle is totally into Baine, who is totally into Melissa, who totally needs someone to watch her dog for the weekend. Hilarity ensues as Elle learns the real meaning of friendship.

The Cast

Elle - Molly Smith
- Aaron Flores
Beeker - Jordan Ferguson
Marv - Johnathan Campton
Jenn - Susannah Snowden-Ifft

The Creative Team

Director - Joey Odom
Playwright - Elena Silva
Prod. Stage Manager - Tori Harris
Asst. Stage Manager - Cassidy Justice
Scenic Designers - Sarah Kowalski
Katie Hutchins
Lighting Designer - Dolly Zhao
Asst. Lighting Designer - Junko Takechi
Costume Designer - Narae Kim
Sound Designer - Jordan Tani