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Our Current Issue

        Issue Number 47

  • Editor's Note by John Rouse
  • Postcard from Barcelona:
         Recession, Politics, and Nationhood

         by Maria Delgado
  • Clubbed Thumb: An Interview with Maria Striar
         Introduction by Naomi Iizuka
  • A Seat at the Table: Thoughts on Kate Benson's
         A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of the
         Greatest of the Great Lakes

         by Lee Sunday Evans
  • SCRIPT: A Beautiful Day in November on the Banks of
         the Greatest of the Great Lakes

         by Kate Benson
  • YOUARENOWHERE: New Frontiers of Performance
         by Andy Horwitz
  • Muse-en-abyme: The Artist Reflects on Himself
         in Miguel Gutierrez's Age & Beauty Part 2

         by Helen Shaw
  • Frozen in Time and Fastforwarded:
         Roger Guenver Smith's Rodney King

         by Jason Dorward and Laura Oseland
  • Theatre and Transit:
         A Transit-Oriented Site-Specific Triptych

         by Guillermo Avilés-Rodriguez
  • An Introduction to Juárez
         by Kevin Riordan
  • SCRIPT: Juárez: A Documentary Mythology
         by Theater Mitu