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Our Current Issue

        Issue Number 48

  • Editor's Note by Ted Shank
  • Without Walls Theatre Festival
         by Various Authors
  • South Coast Repertory’s Dialogues/Dialogos Project:
        The Long Road Today/El Camino Largo de Hoy

         by Maria Patrice Amon
  • Labor Costs: An Introduction to 10 Out of 12
         by Thomas Jay Ryan
  • Script: 10 Out of 12
         by Anne Washburn
  • Fiction on Fiction on Fiction:
         Maria Pensotti’s Cineastas

         by Will Snider
  • What Kind of an Explorer Are You?: An Interview
         with Will Davis, Director of Men on Boats

         by Deborah Stein
  • Script: Men on Boats
         by Jaclyn Backhaus