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Survival Guide

Answers to common questions for UC San Diego Undergraduates (2013-2014 Edition)

Download the full Theatre Department Survival Guide HERE.

Department Location:

The Theatre and Dance Department is located on Revelle campus in Galbraith Hall (GH) room 202.

All acting and design courses will be held in Galbraith Hall. Dance courses will be held at the Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Building located across the street from the Theatre and Dance Department.

Office Hours:

Faculty and teaching assistants (TAs) set their own office hours. These may vary each quarter. The Theatre and Dance Department’s Administrative Office and mailroom are open Monday through Friday 8-12pm and 1-4:30 p.m. We are closed for lunch from 12-1pm and close early on Friday at 4pm. The Department and building is closed during all published University holidays.


Faculty and teaching assistants (TAs) set their own office hours. These hours may vary every quarter. All instructors are required to hold office hours during the quarter they are teaching a class. You should refer to your course syllabus for the instructors’ appointments or walk-in schedule. If you have any questions about a class or your progress in a class you should contact the instructor.

The Front Desk does not take any messages for faculty or TAs. Please note TAs do not have a voicemail or phones in their offices. Be sure to ask your TA how they can be contacted if they do not provide that information on the syllabus. All faculty, instructors and TAs have mailboxes inside the front office of the Theatre and Dance Department that they check regularly.


The Theatre and Dance Undergraduate Coordinator is Laura Jimenez. You can contact her through VAC-Virtual Advising Center or at lajimenez@ucsd.edu. She is available for both walk-ins and appointments.

Walk-ins: Are held the first and second week of every quarter from 9-11:30am and 1-3pm. Also every Friday 9:00am-11:00am and 1:00pm-3:00pm

Appointments: Are held starting the third week of the quarter through finals week Monday-Thursday 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00

Walk-ins are 5 minute sessions that deal with quick questions such as planning current quarter classes, clarification of major/minor requirements or other immediate concerns.

Appointments are 15-minute sessions to deal with more involved questions such as developing a long-term academic plan, study abroad paperwork and/or discussing a double major. Appointments must be made at least 24hrs in advance. To set up an appointment please ask the front desk in GH 202 or call 858-534-3791.

The Theatre and Dance faculty are also available to advise on what courses and internships you may want to pursue to further your career interests. You can speak with any faculty member working in your area of interest about your goals and how to achieve them. Questions regarding College general requirements contact your College advisors.


Our Theatre and Dance Student Representatives are available to answer your questions as well. The student reps are current Theatre and Dance students that have been chosen by the Department to serve as the student liaison. They also host the quarterly Undergraduate Meetings. The Undergraduate Meetings are open to all students (from within and outside the Department) and is held once a quarter. Upcoming events, special projects, general information and guest speakers are presented at these meeting. Students are encouraged to offer feedback to the Department at these meetings. The student reps will bring any problems or concerns to the Department attention. You can contact the reps at tdugreps@ucsd.edu

Our student reps also give tours of the Theatre and Dance Department to prospective students and assist during any on-campus outreach events. If you are interested in becoming a student representative you may apply in Spring quarter. Applications will be available at the end of April at the front desk of the Theatre and Dance Department.


All incoming students receive a UCSD email account. Be sure to check your UCSD email at least once a day, it is the official means of communication at UCSD. When contacting the Theatre and Dance advisor you need to use your UCSD email and state your name and PID number. If you are using an off-campus email address (i.e: Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) please contact the ACT Helpdesk in the AP&M building to have your UCSD email forwarded to your off-campus account at no charge. You can also reach ACT Helpdesk by email acthelp@ucsd.edu or call 858-534-1853.

The Theatre and Dance Department has an undergraduate listserv for any UCSD student who is interested in Theatre or Dance. Messages sent through the ‘Ug-theatre’ listserv include announcements about courses, scholarship information, upcoming auditions, performance opportunities, and other useful information. We recommend that you subscribe to this listserv. Please note all new incoming Theatre and Dance students are automatically added to this listserv, no action is required.

To subscribe to the mailing list, send an email to listserv@ucsd.edu with a blank subject line. In the body of the message, type:

Add networkusername@ucsd.edu ug-theatre

For example for student John Smith: add johnsmith@ucsd.edu ug-theatre

To remove yourself from the list, do exactly the same, but change add to delete. You may leave the subject line blank, if you wish. Any technical problems with the listserv should be addressed to postmaster@ucsd.edu.

The Theatre and Dance website is full of useful information including degree requirements, course descriptions, production calendars, and faculty information.


The courses required for the major are listed in UCSD Course Catalog. Incoming freshmen are held to the major requirements that year they entered UCSD. (For example: if you are an incoming 2013 freshman you are held to those major requirements even if the major requirements are changed in 2015. You would not have to complete the 2015 major requirements you would be held accountable to complete the 2013 major requirements). Transfer students will be held to the requirements in effect two years previous to their first year at UCSD, even if the requirements have changed since then. However, the Theatre and Dance major requirements have not changed since 2005, all incoming transfer students will be held to the requirements as stated in the 2013/2014 UCSD Course Catalog. The UCSD Catalog is available online at http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog/. You should read and be familiar with your major requirements.

You are responsible for completing all of the major requirements and abiding by all University deadlines.

Visit or email the Undergraduate Coordinator if you have questions about the major or minor requirements. You can also pick up a handout of the major and minor requirements at the front office of the Department or on the Theatre and Dance website.


TDPR 6-Theatre Practicum is required for all Theatre and Dance majors and minors. Practicum is an opportunity to gain technical theatre experience working behind the scenes of a production in lighting, costume, sound and/or scenery. You are strongly encouraged to start your practicum within the first year of declaring your major or minor. Please note spaces are limited and not guaranteed. The practicum requirement will not be waived. Practicum is available every quarter except summer session.

Theatre majors are required to take two practicums in two different areas. Dance majors and theatre/dance minors are required to take one practicum. Transfer students who have taken an equivalent course may petition one practicum from their community college to fulfill one of our practicum requirements. If the petition is approved the student will take the second practicum course at UCSD in a different area from the one petitioned.

You cannot pre-register for practicum you must attend the practicum lottery. The class size is limited to the number of run crew needed for each production. Therefore, seats in this class are assigned by lottery. For the day, time and location of the practicum lottery visit the Schedule of Classes. If you do not attend the practicum lottery, you cannot take practicum that quarter.

Advanced practicum is available for students interested in continuing their work in technical theatre in lighting, costume, sound or scenery. You can use these opportunities to earn upper division credit for your major or minor while gaining valuable technical skills. To learn more about advanced practicum contact Mark Guirguis at mguirguis@ucsd.edu. An upper division practicum class (TDPR104) is also available for students interested in Stage Management. Please contact Lisa Porter at ljporter@ucsd.edu to discuss Stage Management opportunities that may be available.

DANCE MAJORS – PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to fulfill the design requirement with TDDE 121, Lighting Design, it may be a good idea to consider TDPR 3, Lighting Practicum, as it is a prerequisite for TDDE 121. TDDE 1 Intro to Design would also fulfill this prerequisite if you are interested in taking one of the other Practicum classes (i.e. Sound, Costumes, or Scenery).


The Theatre and Dance Department produces three to four productions a quarter. At least one production is held specifically for the undergraduate students. Students can also audition for the graduate productions but typically for smaller roles. Additionally, some acting classes (TDAC 108 or TDAC 120) may hold a performance at the end of the quarter. Participating in a production is not required for the major but gives students an opportunity to work at La Jolla Playhouse and gain professional experience.

The Dance Department produces one to two productions a quarter. In the Fall is a Dance Site Works that is performed in various parts of UCSD. In the Winter we have a Dance Concert choreographed by our faculty, grad students and visiting choreographers. Spring quarter the undergraduate students create, choreograph and audition new works to be performed by their peers in a mainstage concert.

Dance auditions and announcements are posted on the Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Facility bulletin boards near the faculty office (between Studio 1 and Studio 2). Audition notices for our Theatre productions will be posted on Galbraith Hall’s bulletin board, the front desk and an email is sent through the ‘Ug-theatre’ listserv. Many students have adopted the habit of making regular (if not daily) visits to Galbraith Hall to check the bulletin boards for audition and casting notices.

Typically the first week of every quarter we post audition notices for our productions. We will post an audition sign up sheet and you must sign up for a timeslot. On the audition sheet it will state what you need to bring or do for the audition. Make sure to write down your audition time!! It’s recommended you complete TDAC 1-Introduction to Acting before auditioning for our Theatre productions. For the Dance productions all levels are encouraged and welcomed to audition. .

Academic credit is given to all Theatre and Dance students who participate and perform in our Dance and/or Theatre productions. This academic credit will count towards fulfilling one of your major elective requirements.

Family and friends are welcomed to attend all Department productions. Ticket prices are minimal for mainstage productions and studio projects are free of charge. A list of the upcoming productions is posted on the Department’s website at: http:// theatre.ucsd.edu/season/index2.htm


Our Theatre and Dance undergraduate students may propose and produce their own production known as studio projects. Studio projects are entirely student-run including casting, directing, acting, and design. Only 1-2 studio projects are selected per quarter. To submit a proposal or to learn more information visit: http://theatre.ucsd.edu/season/StudioProjects/index.htm or contact Laura Manning, the Department's Assistant Production Manager at: lmanning@ucsd.edu.

To help fund these productions the Theatre and Dance Department will give a small financial amount. Company 157 and ONPS are companies that are student run that also help support these student cabarets. Their mission is to provide information, access to technical support and a network of students, graduates and faculty members. For more information contact Company 157: company157@gmail.com or your student reps: tdugreps@ucsd.edu

Company 157 and ONPS are some undergraduate production companies that help support student cabarets. Their mission is to provide information, access to technical support, and a network of students, graduates and faculty members. For more information contact your student reps at: tdugreps@ucsd.edu


Current declared theatre and dance majors are eligible to receive one complimentary ticket to each Theatre and Dance Departments’ production. Information about Departmental productions is located at http:// theatre.ucsd.edu/season/index2.htm
To request a comp ticket select the show you want to see and follow the instructions posted online. Comp tickets can only be made online.

Another way to see a show for free is to be a volunteer usher. When a student volunteers, he or she will receive a complimentary ticket and a guaranteed seat to a performance in exchange for carrying out easy but important front of house tasks (such as tearing tickets, seating patrons, or handing out programs). Ushering is fun and easy – no experience is needed and all majors are welcome.

To inquire about usher availability, contact the Theatre and Dance promotions manager at promotions@ucsd.edu and put the word “USHER” (in all caps) in the subject line. Someone will respond to your inquiry with more information in a timely manner.

All other students that are not Theatre or Dance majors as well as family members can purchase their tickets online at: http:// theatre.ucsd.edu/season/index2.htm Or tickets can be purchased at the Potiker Theatre Box Office or by calling (858) 534-4574. Their hours are 12pm-6 pm and two hours prior to scheduled performances.


Students currently enrolled in any Theatre or Dance courses can sign out rehearsal spaces in the Dance Studio or Galbraith Hall. You can reserve a rehearsal space using the "Space Sign-out Computer" located in the Theatre and Dance Departments’ front office (GH 202). The Space Sign Out Computer is on a first come first serve basis. Reservations can not be made online or via phone call. You must come into the Theatre and Dance Department and use the computer to submit a room reservation. You may only schedule events up to 7 days in advance and only 4 hours per week. Rehearsal space are not available on Sundays. Be sure to list your name, email address and what the space will be used for. Please note failure to follow these rules might result in your room request being cancelled. These instructors are also posted on the sign out computer.


The La Jolla Playhouse is a professional Theatre company founded in the 1960’s. In the early 1980’s the La Jolla Playhouse (LJP) joined with UCSD Theatre and Dance Department. The LJP and the Department share all of the facilities and production staff. The LJP season runs from spring to late fall, during that time they have priority use of the performance facilities. There are many opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and part-time jobs with this Tony-award winning organization. Please note internships at the Playhouse does not count towards your major. Also undergraduate students are not able to audition for La Jolla Playhouse’s productions. Check their website for more information about available internships or work opportunities at: http://www.lajollaplayhouse.org/about-the-playhouse/internships.

Main Department Office Front Desk 858-534-3791
Molli and Arthur Wagner Dance Facility Faculty Office 858-534-6461
UC San Diego Box Office 858-534-4574
Department Web Page http://theatre.ucsd.edu
UC San Diego Web Page http://www.ucsd.edu
UC San Diego Catalog http://www.ucsd.edu/catalog
Department Chair Jim Carmody
Undergraduate Coordinator Laura Jimenez
Head of Acting Kim Rubinstein
Head of Dance Patricia Rincon
Head of Design Mark Guirguis
Head of Theatre History Emily Roxworthy
Head of Stage Management Lisa Porter
Head of Playwriting Naomi Iizuka
Theatre and Dance Student Representatives  tdugreps@ucsd.edu

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