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Natalie Barshow

Third-year MFA Scenic Design Candidate


Natalie Barshow is a third-year MFA candidate. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds a BA in Theatre Arts from San Jose State University. UC San Diego credits: Letters from CubaOrestes 2.0, The Underground, Monster (WNPF ‘19), An Iliad, Life is a Dream (ACD), Mother Courage and her Children (ACD). Other select credits: Calafia at Liberty (WOW Festival ‘19); Bondage, Cow Pie Bingo (Alter Theatre); The Jungle Book (Marine Theatre Company); What we carry what we keep, Path of Miracles, News of the World, One Long Breath, Gifts of Solace (ODC/Dance). Assistant credits: War of the Roses, Everybody, Quixote Nuevo, As You Like It, black odyssey, Much Ado About Nothing (Cal Shakes).

UC San Diego credits

Letters from Cuba

Orestes 2.0

The Underground


An Iliad 

Life is a Dream (ACD)

Mother Courage and Her Children (ACD)


BA in Theatre Arts, San Jose State University