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Salvador Zamora

Second-year MFA Design Student


Salvador Zamora is a second-year MFA student and producer, born and raised in Southern California. He holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts Major from UC San Diego. UC San Diego credits: Meladi Thive and Her Words of ComfortwinterWorks '21, Town Hall, Heap (ASD), Letters from Cuba (ASD), Balm in Gilead (Sound Coordinator), Classical Women (SD & Composer), Joshua (ASD, WNPF ’18).

UC San Diego credits

Meladi Thive and Her Words of Comfort

winterWorks '21

Town Hall (SD & Composer)

Heap (ASD)

Letters From Cuba (ASD)

Balm in Gilead (Sound Coordinator)

Classical Women (SD & Composer)

Joshua (ASD, WNPF '18)


BA in Arts, UC San Diego