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a couple with solemn faces embrace in blue lightOrestes 2.0 (2020). Photo: Jim Carmody.

Return to Learn FAQ

The Department of Theatre + Dance takes the safety of our performers, audiences, and crew seriously. Working with the campus Return to Learn program, we have compiled a list of COVID protocols and general FAQs, so audience members can be informed and prepared as they visit our facilities to enjoy this season of in-person performances. 

To learn more about Return to Learn, please visit:

What precautions are being taken to ensure maskless performances are safe?

Theatre and Dance Maskless Rehearsal and Performance Protocol


UC San Diego Theatre and Dance will follow guidelines and strategies provided by UC San Diego Return to Learn protocols. The protocols may be found at The protocols are subject to change at any time based on changing conditions. Theatre and Dance performers may rehearse or perform without a mask under certain conditions:

  • Maskless rehearsals and performances require permission of the instructor of record.
  • In order to participate in rehearsals and/or performances without wearing a mask, all performers must be tested for SARS-CoV-2 at least two times per week in any week that the performers go unmasked during a rehearsal or performance. 
    • The two required tests must be taken in the same week and at least three days apart and no more than five days apart.
    • Performers must begin testing one week prior to unmasking during a rehearsal or performance and continue one week after their last unmasked rehearsal or performance.
  • Each day before the performance or rehearsal, each performer must show their daily symptom screener.

When not actively rehearsing or performing, performers should remain masked. All  other participants who are not performing on stage will remain masked at all times in  accordance with campus rules. 

In case of exposure, each person will follow existing Return to Learn protocols and  procedures. 

  • Unvaccinated performers who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (as determined by  public health officials or their designees) cannot attend rehearsal or perform with  the production, until at least 10 days have passed without symptoms from the  date of exposure. 
  • Vaccinated performers who are exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (as determined by  public health officials or their designees) must take and obtain a negative result  from a rapid antigen test administered through Student Health Services every  day that the performer appears for rehearsal or performances, until at least 10  days have passed without symptoms from the date of exposure. 

Who can attend performances?

Attending a Theatre + Dance performance is currently limited to UC San Diego community members


In order to ensure the safety of community members, the Department of Theater + Dance is limiting its playgoing audience to current/active UC San Diego Students, Faculty and Staff. Barring a valid exemption, community members are required to comply with UC San Diego vaccination policies outlined by Return To Learn. Audience members are required to comply with UC San Diego testing, symptom checker, and masking policies while attending performances. 

Where are performances taking place this year?

We are delighted to welcome patrons back to the Theatre District!


For more information about venues and parking, head on over to our theatres and driving information pages.

Do I need to remain masked during the performance?



Audience members must remain masked indoors, including during the performance, in accordance with Return to Learn policies. 

How can I purchase tickets?

Audience members may purchase tickets online


Each individual performance has a ticketing link embedded in its page on the Theatre + Dance website (found within Audience members will be taken to a secondary page hosted by our ticketing vendor, SquadUp. Patrons will purchase tickets online. These tickets can either be printed out at home or displayed on patrons' phone and scanned prior to entry to the venue. 

If you require assistance purchasing tickets, please email

How can I view a program of the performance?

Programs have gone paperless!


For the health and safety of our patrons and staff, and for the health of our planet, the Department of Theatre and Dance has ceased printing physical programs. Scannable QR codes will be posted near the entrance of the venue--patrons may view the program on their phones before and after the performance, and during intermission, if applicable. Programs will also be embedded on the individual webpage of each season show (found within, accessible to audience members at their convenience.