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Production photos from the 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 seasons, taken by Jim Carmody and Manuel Rotenberg.


Equity, Diversity + Inclusion

UCSD Department of Theater and Dance anti-racism and harassment Statement

UCSD's Department of Theater and Dance believes that theatre and dance are transformational art forms that have the power and promise to change individuals and society. Transformation can only manifest when we are challenged as collaborators, liberated as creators, and respected as people. From casting to production to performances, we acknowledge stories are told through the bodies, words, deeds, and spirits of the Storytellers in the room, and we will work to create an environment where BIPOC artists and scholars who are Black, Indigenous, Asian Diasporic, Latina/o/X, Chicana/o/X, Middle Eastern, African Diasporic, Trans, Queer, Neuro-Diverse, People with Disabilities, and those of all religious or spiritual affiliations can Fail and Flourish. White Supremacy, rooted in racism and antisemitism, has no home here.


To view department EDI resources and information, please visit our shared drive.